5 Businesses You Can Start for Less than $ 5000

The life of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are examples for all those who think that starting a business requires a lot of money. This post is dedicated to all those who think starting out a business is a costly process. For the businesses I am about to share with you, all you need is $ 5000 or less. Trust me, the only thing needed from you is some money and effort. The importance of commitment to one’s goal is also something that cannot be denied. No business in the world can excel without a zeal for growth and progress. Here are the 5 businesses you ca start for less than $ 5000.


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5. Virtual Assistant

These individuals help clients for a number of purposes. The best thing about them is that they do it from miles away. The range of tasks they are asked to perform range from basic to administrative. So if you believe that you have the skill to do this job or to start out a business, it is time you do it. You can also start you own online training courses if you have some rare skills.

4. App Development

If you are a software engineer or developer, than you will always be able to earn some money. The key to success here lies in constantly improving your skills and keeping up to date with the global trends. Even if you are not a software developer, you can always hire a team. It is for sure that you will need to make some investment in order to make things happen.

3. Book Keeping

If you are into using numbers and feel relaxed with them, you can start book keeping. There is no end to the companies who are always in search of some talented book keepers. Trust me, that if you have the skills and abilities, this business will turn out to be a profitable one for you.

2. Computer Repair

Now here we have another business that will always remain at the top. You will be able to earn a lot of money by having your own computer repair business. All you need is some skill and courage to think big. Just like all other businesses, you will be required to tackle a lot of competition, but if you are the best in what you do, this business will earn you a fortune in no time.

1. Painting

A large number of people do not prefer to opt for this profession. It is not something that is derogatory. Even if you are educated you have no idea that this business will help you in making a lot of money. There is no end the examples of people who earn more from similar professions and businesses than to do by working in a company. The fate factor also has a role to play in this regard, but the importance of your hard work is also there.

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