10 Best iPhone 5s Cases & Covers

All the iPhone 5s users would like to keep their device shiny new and in order to achieve that is necessary some good protection. Whether you are just looking to match your iPhone with some stylish design or to protect it from accidents and scratches, you will need a good iPhone 5s case.
The iPhone line has always inspired some creative accessories and that also applies to the latest release of iPhone 5s. Even before the new device to be on the market the cases manufacturers already started to provide their new items for iPhone 5s.
The iPhone 5s has almost the same chassis as iPhone 5 with a few differences such as the dual LED flash and the home key with Touch ID. Those small differences in design would not prevent an iPhone 5s to fit in most of iPhone 5 cases. But the case makers are offering new attractive models especially designed for the iPhone 5s. We will present the top 10 best iPhone 5s cases and covers.



1O. Elago S5 Outfit Matrix Case for the iPhone 5s

Elago S5 Outfit Matrix Case for the iPhone 5s
The case comes in a minimalistic eco-friendly packaging. Elago S5 case is priced at 514. The Elago S5 Outfit Matrix case features a minimalistic hard-shell wrapper made of polycarbonate and aluminum, it is an ultra slim fit case with a very light weight. Elago 55 Outfit Matrix cases are specially coated to imp rove grip quality and to reduce the amount of dirt, oil and scratches, on the iPhone.
The case comes in a range of subtle colors that complement the elegant looks of the iPhone 5s. The item is designed by Elago in California and manufactured in Korea instead of China, and can be a guarantee better quality.



9. Spigen Slim Armor Case for iPhone 5s

Spigen Slim Armor Case for iPhone 5s
Spigen’s Slim Armor is offering good looking package that combines elegance with added protection. The polycarbonate mid-section comes in a great variety of flashy colors. The case features a straightforward design featuring a metallic finished plastic case. The package also offers three home buttons stickers. The plastic panel can be easily removed but is not really necessary to be removed in order to install the case.



8. Puregear Undecided iPhone 5s Case

Puregear Undecided case for iPhone 5s
Puregear Undecided case is sold at $18.15. The case features a sturdy design of a hard plastic shell that provides an excellent protection for the iPhone 5s. The case also houses a built in simple retro game for adding some extra fun and style.



7. Naked Tough for iPhone 5s Bumper

Naked Tough for iPhone 5s
This case is sold for $35. Naked Tough case is a see-through case with an original design. The protective case features a two-piece design with a stylish profile, and a smooth transparent finish. The case is ultra slim and lightweight but the coordinating bumper and the impact resistant hard shell protects well against falls or impacts. The case has an attractive polished look with metallic chrome buttons accents.



6. Official Apple iPhone 5s Case

Apple iPhone 5s Cases
Apple’s own cases for the iPhone 5s features an elegant design and is made of crafted genuine leather. The price reflects the quality and style, the case being sold for $39. The leather case is covering the on/off switch, the volume buttons and the edge of the iPhone. A soft microfiber lining inside the case has the role to protect the iPhone 5s. The case color is infused into the leather, more than surface deep. The case comes in six complementary color choices: black, beige, brown, blue, yellow, and red. The Apple iPhone 5s Case features a simple design slim and light. The case is made of a single piece of dyed leather. The material is reinforced with a sheet of microfiber lining the inside. The exterior of the case is made of soft aniline leather. The case features the Apple logo on the back.



5. Adopted Cushion Wrap iPhone 5s Case

The Adopted Cushion Wrap Case comes at a price of $49.95. The case is an exclusive Adopted Shop exclusive item. The Cushion Wrap case features a metalized frame paired with upholstered panels. The panels are made soft-grip silicone which is also stain-resistant. This provides a maximum comfort and wear. The case offers open access to all buttons and ports. It provides substantial protection and a superior hand-feel.



4. Adopted leather Folio iPhone 5s Cases

Adopted leather Folio for iPhone 5s
This case is coming with a $59.95 price tag. In case you need to carry cash and credit cards together with your iPhone 5s this stylish folio type case is the perfect option. The folding case is made of genuine full-grain leather and features an integrated interior card pocket. The interior pocket is built on a non-conductive metalized frame. The iPhone 5s is protected by a Suede interior surface.



3. Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5s Rechargeable Extended Battery Case

Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5s Rechargeable Extended Battery Case
Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5s Rechargeable Extended Battery Case is priced $79.99). The case offers interesting extra features on top of added protection for the iPhone 5s. Using this case you can actually double your iPhone’s battery life. The metallic red rubberized case looks stylish for a battery case. Lenmar case features a 2300 Mah battery built in with LED indicators. The LED power indicator shows the battery power level. The case can charge simultaneously the iPhone and the battery pack.



2. Hit case Pro Waterproof Case for iPhone 5s

Hit case Pro Waterproof Case for iPhone 5s is sold at $129.99. The price is justified by the extra functionality provided. The waterproof case can protect the iPhone up to 10 meters deep. It features a bulky and rugged design for added protection on your slim and elegant iPhone. The case also features the possibility to take underwater footage through its wide-angle lens. Of course, to keep it waterproof you will not be able to have access to the Touch ID fingerprint unlock function. The package comes also with a tripod, compatible rail slide mount and a wrist strap for the improving the photography functionality.



1. Burberry iPhone 5s cases Burberry

Burberry iPhone 5s case
Burberry iPhone 5s cases Burberry is an Italian expensive brand. The Italian manufacturer offers more than 60 iPhone 5s cases, with prices ranging from $185 for the “Smoked Check” case, to $595 for the Studded Calfskin case. They have an elegant and sophisticated design and this brand doesn’t come cheap. The Scudded Calfskin case features a glossy calfskin cover with scale studs in contrasting colors. The case is made of leather and includes an invisible magnetic closure.

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