The 5 Cheapest European Regions you Should Visit in 2014

Europe is indeed an expensive continent for all. However, there are still a number of regions which are quite inexpensive. You can search these places by conducting an online survey of the cheapest places in the world. This post is dedicated to all those who are looking for some of the cheapest countries and regions within the domains of Europe. There are plenty of surprises which these countries have for all those who admire beauty and perfection. These places are quite affordable and offer a balance between your money and travelling needs. Here are the 5 cheapest European regions you can visit.

5. Czech Republic

Neoclassical, awesome and wonderful are some of the words that can be used to define this country. It has a number of green sites and places to keep you busy. Moreover, there is also no shortage of lodging places and avenues of entertainment. In short, it can be said that a trip to this world will always be a memorable one for you. The highlight region of this country is Prague which should always be included in your-must visit list.

czech republic

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4. Budapest

This region is defined by homely hotels, wonderful picnic sites and the best food in the world. The region is visually enchanting and culturally diverse. It is a solid reason for you to travel to this part of the world. The sightseeing options also do not seem to end in this part of the world.


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3. Turkey

This country is indeed one of the most historically rich locations in the world. Packed with a lot of artistic beauty and some of the most amazing sights, turkey has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. The food offered is quite wholesome as well as affordable. Your trip should include: visit to Istanbul and some other great cities of the region.


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2. Greece

Tranquilizing and relaxing are the words that define Greece. A visit to this country is a dream for almost everyone. You will be able to find a number of cheap ways to get to this part of the world. The food and lodging options are really cheap. In addition, the cost for travelling to the different parts of the country is also minimal.


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1. Amsterdam

Yes, it is not a country, but should be included in the must visit list. In addition to being affordable, the city boasts of having the most number of entertainment options. There are also a plethora of attractions for individuals belonging to different age groups.


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Europe is a continent which exists for a reason. There are endless number of attractive sights and countries in this region. The same is the reason for which the continent has always been important from strategic viewpoints. Apart from this, your visit to this continent should be planned in advance. It is best to begin with an online survey of the travelling options that can be used for traveling to Europe. At the same time, you should also search for cheap flights and tickets to Europe.

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