Most Affordable Cheap US Cities for Retirement

Retirement is a time when one wishes to spend life in peace. But it is a fact that most people these days do not wish to retire. The reason is simple. Everyone needs money during these times, especially when the world economy is uncertain. Your retirement money, pensions and benefits might not be enough for you and your family. However, it should be noted that there are a number of cities in the US where you should retire. Most of these places are really cheap to spend a lifetime. This post is dedicated to all those who want to prepare for their retirement. Here are the 5 most affordable cheap US cities to retire in.



5. Pittsburgh

To begin with, we should first consider the tax burden. According to some reliable sources, you will not to spend only 10 % of your income on taxes. The cost of living at the same time happens to be 8.5 % lower than the national average. That’s not all, as the median pricing for buying a home is about $ 119,600. This city was considered to be a dying place not long ago, but today, things are really different. Although the city is quite hilly, but the retirees will not have to face any problem in moving from place to place within the city.

4. Tampa

The tax burden for this city is only 9.3 %. The cost of living is also well below the national average. Some of you might argue that the city might not well suited for all retirees, but trust me, it is. In fact, it is best suited for those who wish to retire very close to beach.

3. Clarksville

The tax burden for this city is about 7.7 %. The cost of living is also below than the national average. It should also be noted here that the city has also been ranked as one of the best locations for personal finance. Now is the right time to move to this part of the world before things start to change. At the same time, you should also remember that the city has a large population of people above the age of 65.

2. Alexandria

The tax burden for this region is 7.6 % or a bit more. The region is marked for its solid economy and job opportunities. In the case of the retirees, the city is more like a heaven on earth. There are no large taxes and other related issues which you will need to worry in this city. There are also a number of avenues of entertainment for the aged individuals including lakes, forests, the coast and a lot more.

1. Indianapolis

The tax burden might be somewhat higher than the other cities on this list. But it is nothing as compared to what the city has in store for you. Whether you want to work or retire, Indianapolis has a lot in store for you. The cost of living is below the national average while offering a luxury-city life at small price.

Try to think about these regions and then decide the city which best suites your needs.

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