5 Nutritious Foods that can Bought for $ 5 or less

For all those who think that good food is always expensive, this post will change their thinking. There are a number of nutritious food items that can be purchased for $ 5 or less. Your grocery bills never need to be filled with a lot of expenses. All you need to do is make some plans beforehand. Trust me that by doing so you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run. You can also cut food costs by eating at home more often. It should be noted that most of the foods mentioned in the list are about $ 2 which is indeed quite cheap no matter what your salary might be. Here is the list of the 5 best food items that can bought $ 5 or less.

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5. Brown Rice

The price per serving for this food is 18 cents. It is great for make side dishes, soups and stews. I pound of brown rice will only cost around $ 1.75. At the same time, the calories they contain are also within range of your daily calorie consumptions. However, you will need to keep a check on your rice consumption, especially if you are following a strict diet routine.

4. Multi Grain Pasta

This food happens to be great for hot and cold pastas. The price per serving for this food is about 24 cents. You will be able to buy a 16 ounce box for about $ 1.7 or a bit more. In order to save some money on your grocery shopping, it is best if you always add this item in the list.

3. Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

It is best for having a quick snack with optimal amounts of nutritious materials. The price per serving for this item is 89 cents. So even if you have a large family, you will be able to give it everyone for less than $ 5.

2. Wheat Bread

This food is great for making hot and cold sandwiches. The price per serving for this food item is about 18 cents. A 22 ounce load will cost $ 1.99 or a bit more. The price tags for each food item in the list is for good quality foods. So do not worry about the quality.

1. White Rice

Now here we have another food item that can purchased for less than $ 5. No matter how many guests you might invite to your home, all you will need to do is spend a small sum of cash for entertaining all. The pricing per serving is about 20 cents or less. At the same time, it should also be noted that you will be able to find this food items for amounts lesser than the one specified.

There is no end to the nutritious foods that you will be able to buy at a small price. All you need to do is research on them. Eating more at home will indeed help you in saving some money for the uncertain time. So it is best that you start right now.


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