Top 10 Countries With the Largest Economies 2014

Who is going to rule the economic market in 2014? Which country is going to monopolize the industrial market this year? Will the human resource of China and India help in securing the top positions in the world economics? Or the oil producing countries like USA and Russia will continue to reign? This article answers all these questions and more; read on to find out the top ten countries with the largest economies in 2014.

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10. Italy

It is not difficult for the Italians to make people fall for their food, or music, or architecture. However, tourism is not the only factor that makes Italy rank among the top 10 largest economies in 2014. There’s infrastructure, education, and development as well. It also benefits from the membership of G7, G8, and EU, with a GDP of 2.1 trillion USD.

9. India

One of the largest populated countries of the world, India has fairly utilized its human resource in information technology and other services. The software industry of India is at a boom whereas agriculture also increases its GDP to $2.1 trillion.

8. Russia

The former superpower of the world, still rules high in the world’s economy, and is expected to do so in 2014 as well. Russia’s trade policies have been the source of its economic strength which is completely market-oriented, with an expected GDP of $2.4 billion in 2014. Also, the country is rich in its natural resources of oil and natural gas.

7. United Kingdom

Who doesn’t want to study and live in England? Serving as one of the best study and business locations, UK holds an estimated $2.5 trillion GDP this year, ranking at number 7 in our top ten list. The domestic industry (fish, poultry, and cattle) is quite popular with the world and London is one of the largest financial centers, just like New York is in USA.

6. Brazil

South America’s largest economy, a state that is a believer in investment and applies this belief to its policies, results in number 6 with $2.6 GDP in 2014. Agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and service are some of its leading industries that makes Brazil rank as number 6 among the top 10 countries with the largest economies in 2014.

5. France

Nominated to be the headquarters of the Fortune Global 500 companies, with 30 of the 500 leading companies of the world having a French background, France’s GDP is going to be 2.8 trillion USD in 2014.

4. Germany

Technological advancements in Germany have made this country super economical. Electronics and electrical products owes to its GDP to be 3.7 trillion USD. Considering the IMF’s estimates as well as World Economic Outlook, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Germany is the second largest exporter presently.

3. Japan

Sports Cars – Japanese, high- tech gadgets – Japanese, robotics – Japanese.  Japan is said to be ahead of the world by many years in terms of its technology and this factor serves as its economical strength. Despite the fact that its agricultural industry is quite small but is one of the best rated globally. Japan stands at number 3 amongst the top 10 countries with the largest economies in 2014with an estimated GDP of $5.3 trillion.

2. China

China is now said to be the fastest-growing economy (having an average growth rate of 10%) along with being the biggest exporter. With this kind of increase it is expected that China would rise to the number 1 position in world economics by 2023. Consider the simple fact that the average worker in China works 2,307 hours per year while the average American worker puts in 1,790 hours per year. Hence, China has an expected GDP of 10 trillion USD.

1. United States

The super power will remain the super power in economics for the year 2014 as well. Its position has been intact for more than a century now. Its major industries include petroleum, mining, food processing, electronics, aerospace, steel, and information technology among others. Largest manufacturer, one of the largest natural resource producers, and most influential market of the globe are some of its many laurels. Its estimated GDP in USD for 2014 is 17 trillion.


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