iPhone 5s Review – All You Want To Know About The New iPhone 5s

Getting a new iPhone is always like being a child on Christmas morning. You kind of know what you are going to get, but you are unsure if it is going to be the best thing in the world. With the new iPhone 5s, you have a lot of features that are going to allow you to explore around and feel that you have received something that is worth your money. The iPhone has become an iconic piece of our culture. Nearly everyone has heard of the iPhone and have dreamed of getting one. below is the review of all new iPhone 5s, also read the new apple iPhone 5c review.


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With the new iPhone 5s, this is what we know so far:

Design and Hardware – With the basic design still, they have mimicked the iPhone 4. However, when you hold it in your hands, the materials, components and weight is totally different from what you have known from the iPhone in the past. Most people who have held the newest iPhone have found that it weighs considerably less than that of its predecessors. The iPhone 5s weighs at 3.0 oz. This is iphone 5s all you want to knowcompared to the iPhone 4s weighing at 4.9 oz. This version is thinner and taller.

Specs, Display and Sound – When you have this device in your hand, you get to see the difference with the new dual-core A6 CPU running with a 1GHz, 1GB of RAM with 16GB-64GB of memory. When looking at the display of the newest version of the iPhone, you will see that the display has been increased to 4 inches with an 1136×640 resolution). This is 0.5 inch difference, but it is still a difference. The colors are brighter and the overall thickness of the display is greater. This is what many fans of the iPhone have wanted to have for a while. As for the sound, you have no problem of distortion and the three microphones installed help with making the call clear.

Camera – This is one of the most important features on your phone. Whenever you have a funny situation, you are going to want to capture it. With the newest version of the iPhone, you have the chance to get stunning pictures from the camera. You are going to get crisp and clear pictures. It has the capability of taking pictures as high as 30 megapixels.

Overall this is a stunning phone that you are going to want to add to your collection of cellular phones. With the many functions, you have the chance to do mostly anything you want with it. Understanding how to use the phone is the first step and it is really easy to get to know how the phone is going to work once you have gotten through the manual. please tell us how did you like our iPhone 5s review in the comments section below.

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