iPhone 5c Review – The New iPhone 5c Detailed Specs

When compared to the other iPhone on the market, the iPhone 5c is not that much different. However, there are many little details that make this phone one of the most popular out on the market now. Despite its price of $99 with a contract, the iPhone 5c is attractive in many other ways. The new iPhone 5c detailed spec lies in its development. The choices that you have in colors make it more attractive as it stands, but the design is what many people can be happy about. below is the iPhone 5c Review

iPhone 5C review

Design and overall feel of the new iPhone 5c is the basic plastic. Some might say that this is a turn off, but there is nothing wrong with sticking with a product that does its job and allows for the phone to last. This phone feels solid in your hand and doesn’t feel like something that is going to fall apart when you make a phone call. This iPhone version has curved edges offers a shinier back to it that offers a lot more than what you are going to get with other phones.iPhone 5c detailed spec

Specs and Functions are always a great thing to have. When you are looking for a good phone, the first thing that you have to do is look at the specs to see if you are going to be getting something worth the money or not. The basic model has a FaceTime HD camera that is going to allow you to take high quality pictures, a larger battery, which is something everyone has been waiting for, and new colors and feel. With an A6 processor, you have a dual band WiFi that is going to offer you a lot more than simply getting the basic functions.

With the iPhone 5c, you are going to have to expect that there are changes. With the vast changes that are being made in technology, it is safe to say that Apple is on the ball when it comes to electronically controlled devices. The new iPhone 5c is one of those phones that were made for those who feel that they need more from their phone. In a sense, this makes a lot of good sense as to why it is important to keep up with the updates. With a brand new look and feel to the new iPhone, it is only fair that you are going to be curious about the new product. You might also want to read our review on iPhone 5s that is released today with iPhone 5c

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