Top 10 Tools to Make Gardening Easier

Gardening does not only mean planting flowers and cultivating grass, then putting out a set of chairs and voila! Gardening involves taking care of the plants that you have, of watering them, of taking care of the weeds, of constant and regular pruning, of soiling and bedding, and so much more! Some of the more established gardeners have no real issues when they are to mend to their gardens. They know just the tools and the process, the right tips to handle any sort of gardening emergencies. But some of the more amateur gardeners might require a lot of help regarding this. We have collected and then made a list of the top ten gardening tools that will make your life of gardening a lot more easily! So read on and enjoy divulging in your favorite hobby head first! One more thing that you might want to remember is the fact that all of the tools mentioned here can be amazing house warming presents to people who love gardening like yourselves.
10. Shovel


This handy tool is best used for the following purposes: use it when you are planting trees, you can use it with ease when mixing large amounts of dirt and a handy gadget is required, the same can be used for planting shrubs, for mixing compost with the dirt, and similar activities like the aforementioned, with ease. When you go to the market to look for one, make sure that you select the one that is a round point shovel. The shaft should be wooden ideally, but can also be fiberglass or metal depending on whatever your local gardening store offers, and the length should ideally be around 45 inches! Do take a shot at picking it up and seeing how comfortable you are with it!

9. Hand Pruner

hand pruner

The next tool on our list of the best gardening tools that make life easier is a hand pruner. Now this little gardening gadget can be used for easily ripping off unwanted branches from tress as well as shrubs! Do remember that most of the tools that are good enough for trees will be good enough for shrubs as well! When in the market to look for a pruner, select the one that is easy to hold and offers a tight, firm grip. Also, make sure that the blade operation is smoothly carried out, as per the best gardeners around the globe.

8. Hand Trowel


The next awesome gardening tool on our list is a hand trowel. As with the shovel, this can also be used to mix various dirt types, compost, and fertilizers with professional ease. This also comes in handy when you need to dig holes in your planting beds or in your containers for plantation purposes. When you are out in the market looking for one, make sure you select the one with a narrow blade. Gardening experts around the globe says that this ensure that the soil is pierced more comfortably!

7. Utility Bucket

bucket utility gardening

Now the next tool on our list might seem a bit too obvious but none the less, it is one of the prime tools that makes gardening easy and try as you might, you cannot grow a garden and keep one without a utility bucket. The buckets can be used as a mixing chamber for compost and fertilizers, for soaking the plants in water, for carrying around your tools with ease, and for keeping the clipped off weeds and other stems! When you are in the market looking for one, make sure you buy one with atleast 5 gallons of space.

6. Leaf Rake

leaf rake

It mostly serves the same purpose that a utility bucket does but gardeners say that you should have both so therefore we gave it a place on our list of the top ten tools for easy gardening. What you can do it use it for gathering leaves  and lawn clippings after a particularly windy weather and also for layering mulch onto your planting beds. Do keep in mind that when you are in the market looking for a leaf rake, select the one that is not very large in size as it would be difficult to drag around.

5. Garden Rake


The next tool on our list of the best tools that make gardening easy for you is the garden rake. This one is known all over the world as one of the most appreciated and thanked for tools for gardening experts used especially for working the soil into the planting beds. This has an additional purpose of helping to remove dead grass from the lawn with super convenience. There are two types of garden rakes that you can use. A flat headed one is excellent for leveling the soil and a bow headed one is easier to move around so when in the market, test try both of the types to see which works for you.

4. Watering Can

 watering can

This next tool is also a fairly obvious tool for gardening activities. It is used to transport small quantities of water for the plants to drink and usually a 1.5 and 2 gallon capacity of a watering can is usually enough.

3. Work Gloves

gardening gloves

Whenever you see a professional gardener at work, you will notice a pair of working gloves on their hands. These handy (literally) things are needed to secure your hands from thorns and cuts, chemicals and poison ivy’s, and other such stuff. And although the market will provide you with various options from which to select, it is mostly better to invest in leather ones.

2. Hose With a Sprayer


The second last item on our list is a hose and no matter how meager this sounds if you do not measure your hose requirement, you might end up with one that does not even reach all your plants. So that is perhaps the only thing you need to keep in mind, oh and also the fact that rubber hoses are more durable than vinyl.

1.  Trimmer

gardening trimmer

Last but certainly not the least, we have the trimmer. This handy little tool is ideal for clipping glass and weeds. It can be used in areas which are hard to reach like walls and fences. The best investment of money for a trimmer will be a corded or cordless electronic model.

Bonus Tool

Just to keep you interest going, here is a bonus tool. Whenever you go out to shop for your garden tools, never forget the importance of a good lawn mower.


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