Top Ten Racing Games Ever

Videos games have always been a special attraction not only for boys but also for some gaming chicas out there. Yes there are girls who like to race in actual and also in video games. Some of the most popular video games have always been racing games and to refresh your memory, we have prepared a list of the ten best racing games to ever hit the gaming world. You might get nostalgic so buckle up because we will be taking you through some of the best moments of your gaming life. The list is not in order of preference, the year of release, nor a personal preference. It is more like the list of the most favorite of all so here we go.

10. Need for Speed – Most Wanted


This is probably the only racing game that has had 18 titles and we are hoping there are more to come along the way. Initially – its title Underground was considered the best but since Most Wanted came out, there is nothing but the best of everything, the graphics, the detailings, the events, the racing, the scenarios, the cars, you name it and Most Wanted has it. Since its launch, NFS has been one of the most popular and admired racing games, and with Most Wanted in the market, it will continue to lead.. It has kept its fan following alive and growing with its new and modern progression methods for example blacklisting.

9. F1 – 2010

f12010 - best racing gmes ever

This game was released in 2010 using the platform PC. How many times have you wanted a remote controlled racing car that your parents refused to give to you – to imitate Formula one racing! So if you became a real fan on this genre of video games then Shift 2 offered so much more than anything else in the market at the time of its release. We are sure that this game gave you and your friends a chance to enjoy a bit of fast and the furious at least for the time being.

8. Race Driver – GRID

racedriver grid - best racing games ever

This game was released in 2008 and was probably the only game in the history of racing games that set the stage for progressive and aggressive racing as well as the freedom to take risks, to develop over the years! We mean this is THE game that set the standards. This is one of the most famous arcade games and if you did not get a chance to play this one then, maybe you can lay your hands on it now!

7. Project Gotham Racing 4

project gotham best racing games ever

Number seven on our list of the top ten racing games in the history of video games, we have Project Gotham Racing 4. Despite the fact that this game was released in 2008, this gave its users a brilliant simulation experience making it one of the all time favorite arcade games. It is played on the Xbox platform.

6. Burnout 3: Takedown

burnout-3-takedown-best racing games ever

When we talk about racing games, there is bound to be a talk related to the crashes in the video games. This means that when racing a car, a crash is bound to happen and nothing rocked the depiction of crashes, better than the Burnout series out of which takedown was the best. It was released soon after the Phantom racer in 2004 and hit arcades with a storm. An Xbox platform again, this game was a winner.

5. GTR 2

gtr 2 - best racing games ever

Being released in 2006, this is another one of the favorite PC platform racing games there are. Back then if you were not on RC Pro, you were bound to be hung onto this one. It also provided the users with the first ever multi-player option thus making the experience even more heavenly, with amazing video, brilliant sound, and over the top physics.

4. Forza Motorsport 4

forza-motorsport-4 best racing games ever

Using the Xbox 360 platform, this amazing game was recently released (in the year 2011 making it quite recent actually). This game with its fourth installation of the series, has the best Forza could offer with various levels of aggression on the pay modes so that everyone can have fun.

3. Ridge Racer

PSX_Ridge_Racer best racing games ever

Next on our list of the top ten racing games in the video game history we have another early release, Ridge racer is a PlayStation game that was released in 1995. For all those PlayStation geeks, this one was a must have back then.

2. Dirt 2

dirt 2 - bet racing games ever

This game was released in September 2009, by Colin McRae who is considered the king of rally racing. He has been coming up with one good game after another. It fully encompasses the dynamics of the latest motorsport technology which is why this game on number two in our list  offers hours of fun racing time.

1. Gran Turismo 5

gran turismo 5

This game was released in 2009 and is the latest installation in the Gran Turismo series. It is intended for the PS3 platform. Initial versions of this game included one of the best super hero and super villian cars and some old time players still regard it highly for this particular aspect. With the latest version there are better aerodynamics models and tiring models, it just gets better. This was the game that set all the standards, the game that all others tried to do over or tried to sideline. The graphics and the attention to details in this game gave simulation a whole new level, something that gave game developers around the globe, new avenues of improvement. We cannot but wait for the release of Gran Turismo 6 for which a date has been announced near Christmas. The trailers of the game sure look ravishing!

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