10 Most Affordable Weapons For Self Defense

We have made a list of top 10 most affordable weapons for self defense which includes all those weapons which will be easy on your pocket yet useful, below is the list of most affordable self defense weapons

10. 8 Million Small Fry Rechargeable Stun Gun

stun gun

The first affordable weapon on our list of the most affordable weapons for self-defense is this small fry rechargeable stun gun. This gadget is available in the market for $19.95 and is a highly usable weapon. All you need to do is to fire it in the air in front of a possible attacker and he will be intimidated by the sharp blue electricity sparks that fly into the air making an unmistakable electrical sound too! An attacker in his right frame of mind will stop dead in his tracks. What’s more is that this thing has a built in charger and all you need to do is plug it into the wall outlet. Another interesting advantage is the built in LED flashlight that provides a good source of light in case you ever find yourself in a situation devoid of lighting.

9. Camo Folding Lock-back Knife

lock back knife


The next self-defense weapon on our list is practically a steal for the kind of advantages that it has to offer. Knives are known as very good self-defense weapons in all parts of the world and this lock back knife for just $3 is exactly the thing that you are looking for. It locks back easily so that you can carry it safely for one. Secondly, its grip is made so as to ensure that you have a firm hold on your end for striking back and actually making impact on an attacker. It also has a stainless pocket clip which makes it easy to carry and a thumb jolt will pull out the blade in case on emergencies! What more can you ask off a self-defense weapon.

8. Mini Tire Thumper Night Stick

thumper stick

So if stun guns and knives aren’t really your style and you believe in hard rock beating then try this thumper stick available just for $14.95. We know there is nothing better in the market to test a trucks tyre pressure then a thumper stick. Well these sticks are handy to carry with you when out and about all alone in tricky and dark areas! When you see an attacker looming, and if the attacker manages to get close, then bring out the stick and ram it in his head. He won’t know what hit and you will get a clear signal to run for it! It doesn’t get more simple than this.

7. DPS Keychain Pepper Spray

keychain spray

The next self defense weapon on our list of the top ten most affordable weapons for self we have a pepper spray along with a key chain so that no one can detect that you are actually carrying a pepper spray. This handy little gadget known for defense purposes of solitary human beings has been on the market for quite a while now. Costing around $9.50, it gives you a clear cut advantage and chance to run for your life! This pepper spray gives you a fifty foot range for safety and its design makes it popular with the ladies as well! Also, it is quick firing!

6. Packin’ Tee Shirt White

packed shirt

The next item available for self –defense at the rate of $29.35 is known in the market to be one of the most versatile concealment shirts on the market! What this shirt does is provide you ample space to conceal your protection weapons and to yank them out in case of an emergency without provoking or without making you attacker conscious! This shirt can easily be worn under any other shirt that you would usually wear and it will ensure that you are confident as far as your safety is concerned.

5. Wild Kat Keychains

wild cat keychain

The next self-defense weapon on our list is especially for females. For only $5, this handy little gadget does something that can do major damage. In the picture, do you see the two holes instead of the eyes of the wild kitty cat? Well the otherwise innocent looking key chain is actually a knuckle-wrap to beat the hell out of someone. Of course when confronted you can say oh these are my girlfriend’s but when the situation requires it, just slip your fingers with stealth into the holes and wash off a face with your kick boxing tactics!

4. Scorpion Lock Pick Gun

lock pick gun

After we are done talking about weapons that will help you in a situation where you are confronted with an attacker and in order to escape you need to kick some butt! But what of you are in a situation where you need to escape from a place where you are trapped. Say for example some robbers enter your house and leave you locked into your own storage room, well in that case you can use the lock pick gun which is rumored to open locks in less than 10 seconds and run for your life! This gadget is available for $39. Pretty swanky no?
3. 13.5″ Survival Knife with Sheath

sheath knife

The next item on our list is this survival knife for $15. It has a drilled guard that straps, it comes in a heavy jagged sawback ridge design, and has a good enough grip. Further, it comes with a survival kit that includes match sticks, a fishing line, needles and thread, a safety pin and striking paper! All to help you if you are trapped in some emergency situation! Also, it has a compass to guide you in case you lose your way!

2. Flat Aluminum Kubotan


The next item on our list of the ten most affordable weapons for self defense is world famous kubotan. Available for $5, these machine aluminum rods do work as excellent protective devices. They are not destructible and are extremely price efficient especially if you are looking for cheap self-defense weapons!

1. 2 oz. DPS X-Stream Range Flip Top Spray

fog and pepper spray long distance


DPS X-Stream RangeDuty sprays consist of 2,3 & 4 oz. units which are the most common among law enforcement agencies. These sprays are different because 4 oz stream unit fires and amazing 20 feet!. The 2oz stream unit fires 16-17 feet’. That makes the distance nearly double to what usual pepper sprays fire too!  It is the hottest spray in the industry and for just $13.50 you can target the bad guy from up to 20 feet away. No other spray gives you this safety distance to separate you from the subject.

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