Top 5 Gaming Consoles 2013

With the fast advent in technology we can now expect an increase in the efficiency of way things work and what they look like. This is true in all aspects be it computers, laptops, cell phones, or other gadgets. So obviously it should not come as a shock when we see the same race of various brand to come out with the best of the best as far as gaming consoles are concerned. There were fairly simpler times when gaming was limited to hand held little gadgets or on CD-ROMs.  These days the market has so much to offer and it keeps growing. Obviously the more money you invest into your own gaming setup, the better the results but one thing can be said with certainty that with every passing moment we can only expect the technology to improve, of the gaming consoles to evolve to provide real-life like experience to gamers around the globe. So if you are one of those people who are into gaming a lot and would like a more indepth analysis before going into the market for getting your own gaming console, we have just the list for you. This list of the top five gaming consoles for this year will highlight the best in the market so that you can make a correct, well informed decision as to where you should invest your money. So read on to truly revolutionize the concept of gaming for yourself.

5. Xbox 360 S


The first gaming console on our list is the Xbox 360 S. Xbox is perhaps the latest gaming console on the market to make its mark, heavy and strong, in the gaming industry.  This gaming console is available for $296.89 from the market and it has the best online community. This gaming console is known for the ability to play even the most demanding games there are. There are many fans of this gaming console and the only thing they probably ever have to worry about is the fact that the Xbox Live information needs to be changed over the phone and not the web. So if you are the sort of gamer looking for a well rounded gaming console then the Xbox 360 S is probably your best option.

4. Nintendo Wii U

wii u nintendo best gaming console

The next console on our list of the top five gaming consoles for the year 2013 is the Nintendo Wii U. This one is available for a heavy price of $482 from the market but is well worth the price. This one offers a wide variety of options like offering unique game play graphics. It gives the gamer a lot of creative opportunities. It also allows the users to browse the internet and also includes the concept of multiplayer gaming. However, there is one small drawback. Since this is a tablet console, most of the games come with a support for only one tablet controller which makes multiplayer gaming quite a technical challenge. However, if you have the money, and want a little edge to the usual style of gaming then this is certainly the console for you.

3. PS3 Slim

best gaming console

The third console on our well screened list of the best consoles is the PS3 Slim, already a very famous well used name in the market. This console is available in the market for $249. This is one of the consoles which is very famous for its multimedia qualities and the quality of the video is unmatched which is precisely why this console is so famous in the market and people pay the price with smiles. One little drawback is that the recently the PS network has been hacked a lot which might make it difficult for the users to put their trust into this console. That said, this console will provide you with the best browsing, movie watching, and hard core gaming experience there is!

2. Nintendo Wii


The second last console on our list of the top five gaming consoles of 2013 is the Nintendo Wii. In comparison to the previous consoles, this one is relatively cheaper, available in the market for only $150.93. This is one gaming console that allows motion controlling and is fun for the whole family to play. So if you are the sort of person who wants to move it and shake it (no pun intended) while playing and not to be a couch potato, then this gaming console is for you!

1. PS2


Last but certainly not the least, we come to the famous PS2. This dainty little thing is available in the market for $99.99. The best thing that can be said for this one is that if you have a hoard of old PS games that are no longer compatible with your new PS3 then try this one for old times’ sakes and have a huge load of fun!

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