Top 10 Covers / Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Recently there has been such a heavy flux of smart phones in the market that one finds it very difficult to select the best phone to match your needs. The irk factor in this flux would be the fact that although all of these phones have nearly the same applications and capabilities, they almost always have the same shape since they are striving to be thin, to be light, to be delicate, and all of the above. Now if you need to make a particular style statement, how many options are you left with? Well certainly altering your phone to reflect your own personality to make it stand out is one of the more obvious choices that you have. Again, how does one go about doing that? Well we have just the list for you! For this purpose we consider that you latest buy is the chic new Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest offering in the Galaxy series from the Samsung company. It has 5 inch screen and a brilliant glossy slim design. Now what we have for you is the list of top ten covers for this handy gadget that help you make your very own personalized style statement. We have lined up the latest collection for you from which you can take your pick. Happy shopping!

10. Anymode Marvel Beamcase


So remember how The Avengers team took the action comic world by storm when the movie was released and there were tremendous speculations about a sequel to follow? Well now you do not need to wait for a sequel to the film to enjoy your favorite marvel character. Instead you can have them on your Galaxy S4. The best part is that no matter what characters’ cover you choose for your phone, during an NFC action, the eyes of your character will light up. In other news, the cover is slim and protective, and is available in the market for $29.

9. Samsung S View


The next cover in our list of top ten Samsung Galaxy S4 covers for the year 2013, we have a relatively new design. That is the letter box mode or a letter box cut out, whatever you might prefer calling it. What happens in this chic cover is that even while the flip-side cover is on your phone, it displays a square amount of screen of the phone to you. The phone, recognizing that the cover is on, dislays important information only in that square part of the cover, information like the usual notifications for messages and missed calls, email and instant messages, as well as time. This cover is a little pricey offering from Samsung itself available in the market for $50.

8. Speck SmartFlex Card


This next entry on our list is from Speck. The first attractive thing about this cover is the range of vibrant and colorful options that the same style has for you to chose from. Secondly, this comes in polymer with rubber covering for all your important buttons so that they stay scratch less and yet look trendy. This is one of those covers that will only add to the look and feel of your phone. Available for $40.75, this cover also gives you the opportunity to travel light in the sense that you need not carry your wallet everywhere you go. So if you are willing to go easy on the receipts than this cover has more than enough space to store atleast three important cards! What more do you need?

7. Quiksilver Redemption


If you are the sort of a person who likes the covers to be sporty, colorful, yet light weight, delicate looking, and protective then we have just the thing for you. This latest offering on our list is from Proporta. This is a colorful cover for your slim S4 which will not added any extra padding to your phone’s 7.9 mm thickness yet giving it all the protection it needs. It is ideal for sports in the winter and comes at a reasonable price of $22.95. Definitely something worth having.

6. Tech 21 Impact Snap with Cover


Next on our list of best covers for your stylish Samsung Galaxy S4, we have an offering from Tech 21. You know how the US uses D30 material in its defence equipment? Well don’t’ we have the best armor for you precious phone! This cover is stylish and elegant leather on the front where as the back offers rock solid protection against drop and falls, scratches and marks using the same D30 material that is also- get ready for this- shock absorbing. So officially, there is no safer cover now is there? Available at a price of $32.99, this one is a keeper!

5. Otterbox Commuter Series


At number five on our list of the top ten covers for Samsung Galaxy S4 for the year 2013 we have an offering from the company Otterbox. First things’ first, we are going to comment on the gorgeous eye catching colors of these covers. It is pristine blue an apple green – does any other color say “summer” better than these. They remind you of the DKNY Pure perfume collection don’t they? Next we come to the protection that they offer which id dual-layered silicone and polycarbonate, which is the best in the market as per our survey! This gorgeous range of covers protected you S3 first and now they are all set to grace the posh S4 so get you game on for only $32.75.

4. Griffin Survivor Military-Duty Case


Remember how initially people were so scared to invest in high end smart phone simply for the fact that, let’s face it, smart phones we uber delicate and almost everyone drops their phone once in a while. So in case of a smart phone, that would result in a cracked display or a cracked phone itself. Also, it was ill-advised to take your phone if you were planning to go on a hike, or to a place likely to face a storm, or simply if you are dropping your phone every now and then even during commute. Well Griffin has seen to it that all our smart phone protection related problems get resolve for just $37.99. these covers are made of shock-absorbing silicone and polycarbonate to ensure your beloveds’ safety as much as possible.

3. Case Mate Barely There


If you are the sort of a person who likes to keep the sleek look of the phone as is and do not like to cover it up completely in some heavy duty case, then we have just the cover for you at number three on our list of the top ten covers for Samsung Galaxy S4. This cover by Case Mate, as the name suggest, is a slim cover which will protect your phone from the daily small damages causing scratches and stuff for just $15. It does so with the help of an impact resistant polymer shell!

2. Belkin Slim Fit Armband


So if you are looking to take your S4 along on a walk, a run, or a trip to the gym then this Belkin offering in our list on number 2 is just the right choice for you! There are several reasons for that, for one, it is easy to carry, it is light on the eyes, makes your phone look stylish, protects it from all possible bumps and damages, and best of all, its functional for only $15.99.

1. Samsung Flip cover


Last but certainly not the least, if you feel that nothing on our list suits your demands or requirements, and that you would like to go with something simple, then perhaps this last item on our list of top ten covers for Samsung Galaxy S4 will get your attention. This was the official offering from Samsung itself when it launched the S4. It is a slender rubber case that offers protection to all sides of your phone along with being available in a wide variety of eye catching vibrant colors. The cover is available for $28 and the good part is that the cover at the front folds back neatly when you need to doodle on your screen! Cool eh!?

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