Top 10 Smartphones Under $300

There was a time when cell phones were a luxury accessory and more so, they were actually handy tools and came under the title of gadgets. Then came the technology wave and the world became a global city, cell phones were no longer loyal to just the elite. The same can be said for smart phones. There was  a time not very long ago when smart phones were rarely seen. Since the launch of the first smart phone, Apple that is, companies have been striving to enter the global competition. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it wasn’t long before every cell phone brand came up its own version of  smart phone starting from the lowest of lows and going sky high like of course, the iPhone. So much so that designer brands have exclusive and limited editions of smart phones too. So when it comes to buying a cell phone, the question is, do you really need a lots of bucks or maybe you can work under your budget for a good smart phone. We have just the list for you. This years top 10 best smartphones under $300 and just when you thought there was no way out. Stay a part of the crowd and read on!


10. Samsung Galaxy S III Mini White


When you look at this list, it will be pretty evident that Samsung as a brand, has won the race to introducing the largest number of cellphones at various price levels ensuring that one at least falls in the range of all those aspiring to own a smart phone. This Mini  White is for all those who wish to own Samsung Galaxy S III, the one that was pretty much declared a low priced equivalent to iPhone. This one is priced at $277.

9. Apple iPhone 4


Agreed that this now an older version of the famous and powerful iPhone 5, but still for all those have always desired to own an iPhone, this is the moment to seize. The built is strong and it has most of the features that makes Apples’ cell phones a market hit. It can also shoot videos and pictures and priced at $269, what more can you ask for?

8. Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Blue


This may be just another version of the Samsung Galaxy Mini white that we mentioned above but it still offers you all the best qualities of a Samsung Smart phone. All the applications are supported along with the capability of the handset to play music and games as well as coming with an internal memory of 8Gb. Priced at $282, this is a real catch. Shown above is a picture to give you a very good idea!

7. Apple iPhone 3G


This can be your best yet Apple product as far as cell phones are concerned especially if you are on the budget. Secondly, it will give you good practice of handling an iPhone till you have enough to purchase the latest in the series! The sturdy built is ideal for all sorts of usage and works just as well albeit with a slightly lower resolution. It is priced at $151.

6. Samsung Galaxy Ace


Another one from the Samsung series is the Galaxy Ace handset. A lot was said and heard about this particular set and meets the mark and expectations. With a 5 mega pixel rear- camera, a 3-inch touch screen, and almost 640 hours of stand-by, this can be easily you best choice. Priced at $151.60, this is excellent for multi-tasking.

5. Samsung Galaxy S Duos

s dus

4. Nokia Lumia 710


Nokia Lumia 710 is the next on our list of best smart phones under $300. Well, how could we have expected Nokia to sit back and watch while the giants churned out smart phones. Lumia is available for $171.93 , in a variety of different shades. It has Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth along with a 5 mega pixel camera. It was about time Nokia joined the race.

3. Blackberry Torch 9860


Blackberry also joined the competition when it came out with the famous Torch 9860 that comes with a 4GB worth of internal memory and OS 7 as the system and a 1.2 GHz processor! For $262.60, this one is not all bad with an appreciative design.

2. Motorola Droid Razr


In the last of the list of best smart phones under $300, we come to the one launched by the Motorola company. Motorola’s Razr has gained a lot of popularity with every one when it was launched and the same goes for the smart phone by the same company priced at $293.

1. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray


The first in the list by Sony, this smart phone comes with all the standard applications that you would like in your smart phone. It has an 8 mega pixel camera and allows you to run various applications, browse the internet with ease, and manage your gallery! All in all, a great deal if you are on a tight budget. This handset is available for $283.

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